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    Mehdi Alavi, Ph.D., MBA, was born in Tehran, Iran. After graduating from high school in 1965, he came to the United States in pursuit of a higher education. Often working at two or three jobs, he fully supported himself throughout his college years. He earned his BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech University, MBA with specialization in International Business from University of Houston, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Power Generation and Distribution from Texas A&M University. Some of his original contributions are published in technological journals, including the prestigious IEEE Transactions.
    The Alavi Series, formula of expanding any probability distribution function in terms of another one, is a major advancement in mathematical and statistical fields, where special cases of it include the famous Gram-Charlier’s and Edgeworth’s expansions (Texas A&M University, Ph.D. Dissertation, 1989).
    Dr. Alavi has traveled the world and presently advises multinational companies on the planning, management, and execution of multi-billion dollar global projects.
    Dr. Alavi’s interest in freedom and human rights stems from personal experiences, in which family members were tortured for political views and killed in war. His dual perspective of life, living in the East and West, coupled with his wealth of international work experience, has influenced him to become even more passionate about the various global issues that must be resolved in order to improve human rights and world peace. He fervently advocates world peace realization and the education of peaceful political alternatives that can positively impact democracy and the world forever.


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    Human Rights and a New World Order: An Engineering Solution by Dr. Mehdi Alavi reveals that the United Nations, Amnesty International, World Watch and other human rights organizations have made little progress in the resolution of true world peace and human rights.

    In this thought-provoking book, Dr. Alavi has proposed a remarkable formula that could be implemented under the existing United Nations Charter which would significantly help with efforts made in human rights and world peace.


    O God!, written in fiction, is a story of a young mother and secretary in a Jewish law firm in Oklahoma City around the First Gulf War in 1990. She finds herself overwhelmed, under-appreciated, oppressed at work and on the home front. Despite living in survival mode herself, she attempts in her meek and altruistic manner to save Mo, a Muslim lawyer in the firm. The dialogue helps her to enrich her Christian faith and blossom as a leader with self-assurance and true love for others.

    O God! is a powerful tool for harvesting inner treasure, empowering us to live to our fullest potential. A book for theologians and lay person, for folks from all walks of life.

    A strategic algorithm solution developed by Dr. Mehdi Alavi, published annually by Peace Worldwide Organization (PWO).

    PWO is a non-religious, non-partisan, and 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

    Civility Report 2022, a publication of Peace Worldwide Organization, provides scores in the range of 0-100 for human rights, democracy, peace, and civility for all countries within the United Nations. It may also be used as a tool to assess countries for their good domestic and international conduct. It also provides scores for overall performance of the United Nations and the UN Security Council. It is the best source for getting information about any country in relation to other countries.

    Furthermore, Civility Report 2022 can assist governments as well as international public and private entities with a means to assess their risks of conducting business in other countries.

    All proceeds from Civility Report 2022 go to Peace Worldwide Organization (PWO).


  • Peace Worldwide Organization

    501(c)(3) charitable organization,

    founded by Dr. Mehdi Alavi

    OUR MISSION is to promote freedom and peace for all humanity. United, we CAN create a world FREE from the scourges of war, oppression, and persecution.


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